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One Tough Cookie Wellness Programs

One Tough Cookie's Wellness Program have been designed to address all things body, mind, and soul.

At OTC we strongly believe that if your mind and your spirit are not in the right place, fighting cancer and its effects will be that much harder. Therefore, through these programs, it is our hope to bring you useful information and tools that you can apply to your daily regimen.

As always we strongly recommend consulting your Dr. before doing anything strenuous or out of your normal routine.

Sunset at the Beach

Practices for Healing the Mind & Heart

Join Dr. Jennifer Simon as she takes us on a guided meditation and practice to help heal the mind and heart during difficult times. Meditation and mindfulness for increased wellbeing and stress management.

Cancer affects all aspects of nutrition. In these sessions, certified nutritionist and diabetes educator Carolyn Losure,  will discuss healthy eating choices, struggles with nutrition during therapy and optimizing eating for your best you! Join all the sessions or just drop in on one.

Optimize Your Nutrition


Coming Together Through


Come and join this 30 minute prayer group led by Pastor Hal Hallard.  In this group we will pray over your request and for all our Tough Cookies. There is strength in numbers and so is so when we coming together through prayer.

Progressive Strength Training - Start Where You Are!

Instructed by physical trainer Sally Braid, "Start where you are!" is a slowly progressing strength training class. Progress from very simple bodyweight-only movements, to exercises using light hand held weights. Modifications will be available to accommodate all levels. Techniques on how to improve balance, how to protect hips, knees and shoulders and how to safely progress cardio will also be discussed.

Cancer Fighter

Support Group

Facilitated by Eileen Kelly, LMFT, this compassionate, and confidential support group is catered to help those Tough Cookies challenged by the sense of anxiety and mixed emotions cancer can cause. 

At the moment this group is only being offered to CT residents.

Caregiver/Family Member Support Group

Join Eileen Kelly, LMFT in this compassionate, supportive, and confidential group to gain support as a family member or caretaker of someone challenged by cancer. You are not alone! There are others who are going through similar struggles. Come for one class or join them all. At this time, this class can only be offered to Connecticut residence. If you are not a CT resident, please join in any of our other wonderful and supportive groups.

Gentle Healing Yoga/

Chi Gong

Recommended for beginners and those healing from various injuries/diseases, join Carol Shwidock of Harmonyoga as she guides us through this gentle practice of restorative yoga. Slow Flows and Yin Yoga, Five Elements Yoga will be discussed.

Zumba Fitness

Facilitated by fittothebeats Jessica Quintero-Munier, this combination of fitness, great Latin-inspired music, and friendly people have made Zumba classes a world-wide phenomenon. No experience required. If you love a good party and are looking for something to uplift your spirits, this is the workout for you.

Posture Fix Class

Vital Stretch

This class addresses the overused muscles from within the workplace and muscles that need to be elongated to help us maintain a proper posture. Licensed massage therapist Evan Bonenfant from The Vital Stretch will walk us through all these helpful and healing moves.

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