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What We Do

Based out of Stamford, CT, One Tough Cookie is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide support and encouragement through uplifting care packages, peer to peer support, music, comedic relief, and charitable events. Our vision is to send out the message of love, compassion, and unity through every program we offer. Whether you have begun treatment, are about to begin, or are a caregiver (loved one or nurses staff), we are here to walk the walk and help provide a positive outlet or escape during your journey.


Most importantly we are here to remind you that CANCER SUCKS but it doesn’t have to make you crumble! 

Our Mission

Provide support and encouragement to those touched by cancer. 


Through comforting care packages and our Pick-Me-Up corner, our hope is to bring some type of comfort and positive escape during what can be an extremely difficult time. 

Our Vision

To create an encouraging and uplifting space and community for all our Tough Cookies.


See us in action!

One Tough Cookie In Action

Leaves Shadow

Join us!

Are you interested in joining us? Learn about ways you can help us support and encourage those touched by cancer.
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