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About One Tough Cookie

Dealing with something traumatic like cancer is never easy. For many, it can bring on a sense of loss, anxiety, and/or depression. And when you have to do it on your own it makes things 10 times harder. Some of us, though we have someone by our side, still feel alone because of the front we have to put for the sake of others. This is especially true when we have someone depending on us. Whether it be your child, friend, spouse, etc your determination to keep it moving is unstoppable. And though the emotions that you feel inside can be or are overwhelming and at times frustrating, you still continue with strength. That to us is "One Tough Cookie." And that is who we are here to cheer on and rally around. 

Listen to what our founder, Marie Camacho, has to say about what led her to start the One Tough Cookie organization! Seen on the "Focus on You" podcast hosted by Phil & Oscar.

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