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Tough Day Today

An entry from our Founders "I've got cancer, WTF" blog. After her lumpect

November 22, 2015

Today started off a bit tough. Last night I was not able to sleep due to the severe muscular pain I was having on my left side. It’s weird because my pain is not even close to where the incisions are located. Instead, it is more muscular which based on the reading I’ve done is caused mostly because of the lymph nodes that were taken out. The pain was so bad that I didn’t sleep much at all. I am pretty sure Jose didn’t either. In spite of the tough night and lack of sleep, I was inspired to put myself together, dress up the hubby and kids and head out to a baby-naming ceremony that my good friend was having for her three girls.

It was a beautiful day out here in CT. Though I was extremely tired I was glad I got the family out. The kids and the hubby looked great and I knew us showing up would mean a lot to my friend, even if we could only stay for a little while.

After leaving my friend's event my family and I went to pick up Tio JP who was staying to help out over the weekend. The kids were super excited, especially my son Adán. He is in love with his Tio JP. And though I was happy to see him as well, my pain was slowly making its way back. Since I knew we were having lunch before heading home I quickly took some Tylenol to see if I could contain it. Fortunately, it helped for a bit. Soon after lunch we headed home. Once there I immediately excused myself and went straight to my room. I changed into something more comfortable and went right to bed for a nap. I needed the rest badly.  The pain really drained me. After my 2 hr nap, JP offered to take care of the kids so that Jose and I could spend some time together. We gladly accepted since we really wanted to celebrate our belated anniversary which was on the 15th.

The plan was to go to Target, have dinner, and then go to the movies. I know, not very exciting. But we were very happy we were out and alone. At Target we were laughing and looking at Christmas stuff. It sounds like nothing but it was nice. It felt like a date. Then Jose excused himself to go to the bathroom. I of course kept looking at Christmas stuff. It's my favorite part of the year so any chance I can get to shop for decorations, especially now that we have the kids, I am all over it. As I grabbed one of the wreaths that was on display my shoulder started aching. It wasn’t severe so I tried not to pay attention to it and continued looking at stuff. Then I felt myself just moving slower and slower. The pain was rushing in and before I knew it breathing was feeling painful to do as well. Jose was still not with me so I didn’t know what else to do but to continue walking. I grabbed a few ornaments, a hat for Tahlia, and even a few bins for Adáns room. Pretty tough-ass if you ask me considering that my pain level was a 10. When Jose finally caught up with me I could see it in his face that I didn’t look well.  “Are you ok?” he asked. My pain was so great that I didn’t even know how to answer. All that came out of my mouth was “Tahlia needed a hat. I don’t feel well”. Soon after that, we left the store and Jose insisted on us going home. I didn’t want to though. I really wanted us to at least have dinner to celebrate our 7 years together. We have been through so much. We owe ourselves dinner.  “Let me just take another pill. Maybe I will feel better by the time we get to the restaurant.” I told him. “Alright, but we can just go home. It's not a problem.” he replied with a worried look on his face.  On the ride to dinner, I was completely silent. I think I was praying that the meds would kick in quick and they did. By the time we reached the restaurant my pain level was about a 5, low enough for me to say “table for two.” We enjoyed dinner and talked about our time together. The ups. The downs. The kids and our new journey together. It was perfect.

Hmm, come to think of it maybe it wasn’t a tough day after all. At least not while the meds are still working. lol

Thank you Tio JP and Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband.


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