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Finding purpose through the dark moments

Recently I was asked "What is your favorite quote?". Without a second thought I said the one that is stated in this photo.

Here is why.

For a very long time I felt very depressed due to everything that was going on. Mostly with me and my body. I felt it was giving up on me. Betraying me in many ways.

All those years exercising and eating right and I still ended up with severe endometriosis, losing my little girl at 20.5 weeks of pregnancy, multiple IVF's afterwards, finally getting pregnant and giving birth to my son at 28 weeks and last but not least breast cancer. The punches just kept on coming.

Raised Catholic, I was taught everything happens for a reason. Yet I felt lost and I struggled with finding a purpose for my journey.

Then one day at the YMCA's locker room a few of the ladies that I took a class with just wanted to talk. They were all going through so much. Some stories were similar to mine. The one difference, they didn't have the support that I was blessed to have.

That night I couldn't stop thinking of those ladies and the question "what is the reason for all this?' once again haunted me. Then I heard this quote, "when your life is on course with its purpose, you are your most powerful". It made me feel like there was something calling me, something I needed to do. I wondered if it was a message God was sending me.

After lots of prayer I found it. I found the purpose. Through my experiences I can now be that empathetic shoulder for others to lean on. I can uplift those who go through cancer alone and sometimes in silence. And I can be a testimonial that even in your darkest moments there can be light.

I was blessed 10 times over with the support I had through my journey. Finding ways to pay that forward has made me find peace and that is quite powerful.

Thank you to the ladies @wakeupanddreampodcast for letting me share my story

Do you have a quote that has inspired you through your journey?


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