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Celebrate Life

Years ago I was training for the Disney Princess half marathon and unfortunately got injured and couldn't do it. I eventually gave up on that dream, because of my insecurities, thinking I couldn't do it or what if I got hurt again?

In February of 2016 I was hospitalized with severe side pain and shortness of breath. Meanwhile 2 of my friends were running the Princess half marathon (one a Perfect Princess) and sending me pictures to cheer me up. A few weeks later I heard those horrific words, you Have Cancer. Right then I decided that I was going to beat this as my family needed me and I was going to run the next Princess half marathon, even if I had to crawl. 2017 I ran the Princess half marathon with my 2 awesome friends Rebecca & Nathalie and every year since to celebrate life!!

I was given a second chance and am going to enjoy every minute.

This year while I was running the Princess Fairytale challenge the 10k then the half marathon (yes 19.3 miles) my husband met the most amazing ladies while waiting for me and my niece to finish the race. They were from the American Cancer Society, all the people he could have met he met these ladies. They got talking and he shared my story.

Well when Brooklynn and I came across the finish line we heard the loudest cheers and We love you Monica on the megaphone. My heart was so full!

The ACS was there for me when I was going through my darkness times and continue even now!!! The ACS means so much to me and so many others that are still fighting and even some that lost their battle.

January of 2023, I decided to do something I said I'd never do...I am running my 1st marathon. I will be running for the ACS team -TEAM DETERMINATION

I am once again running to celebrate life (I will be turning 50 )! Those that were lost, those that won and those that are still fighting! No one fights alone!! My personal goal is to raise $1200 for ACS I am also running to support Cervical Cancer and Ovarian Cancer awareness #cervivor #nationalcervicalcancerawareness

I will be doing fundraising and if you'd like to sponsor 1 of my 26.2 miles you can do that too!

As scary as this is for me training and running 26.2 miles. Cancer is way scarier!!

If you can support and cheer me on that would be Awesome as I am still nervous about all this!!

If you are in Orlando January 8th and want to wake up at a crazy early time and cheer me on in person, let me know I'll get you the details

If you read all this thank you! If you are battling this horrible disease you are not alone!! #CANCERSUCKS


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