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Cervical Cancer

In an effort to help continue raising awareness about cervical cancer, we've provided a link that can help answer questions many may have about the disease.

Remember, cervical cancer is often preventable and curable if diagnosed at an early stage. For more information about this and on how you can get screened, please contact your doctor.

To read more of this article check out…/cervical-cancer/questions

Benefits of a good laugh

There are many benefits to a good laugh. In fact, Maud Purcell, writer of the article "The Healing Power of Humor" says the following:


"Today we have a better understanding of how laughter affects human physiology. It:

1) Reduces pain. 2) Strengthens immune function. 3) Decreases stress."


All good reasons for a good chuckle. Wouldn't you say?

To read more of Maud Purcell's article check out

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