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Session Disclaimer



It is important that you feel comfortable in group to talk freely about whatever is bothering you. Sometimes you might want to discuss things that you do not want those outside of the group to know about. You have the expectation of privacy in group sessions. All members of the group will be asked to agree to a high level of confidentiality in the group sessions. This means that each participant agrees not to share any other group member’s identifying and personal information with others. Again – you are agreeing to not share other people’s stories with anyone outside of the group.

Understanding Group Therapy


Group therapy is a process of understanding more about yourself and others in a safe environment. In group you will have the opportunity to explore patterns of thinking and behaving. Objectives of group therapy include, but are not limited to:


  • Feel a sense of support from other group members

  • Understand more about yourself

  • Identify and explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors

You are welcome to share as much or as little about yourself while in the group, however, the more open you are the better experience you will have. Our philosophy and approach to group therapy is the belief that this is your group. Each group member will have an equal say in what topics will be discussed, and what format feels most beneficial. Your group facilitator’s primary responsibility is to create an atmosphere of safety and support for you to get the most out of group. Your group facilitator will encourage each group member to be honest, vulnerable, and respectful about his or her feelings and observations in the group. Your voice is your power and your right.


All meetings will be held online – dates and links will be shared. Thank you for the time and attention that you took to read this document. We look forward to having you in our free, very special, peer support group! 

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